Home Network Security a Wise Choice

We all lock our doors at night; some even purchase or build homes in gated communities so why do we install high speed internet connections into our homes and never give any thought to the security of those home networks. Consider for a moment how much financial information or information concerning the access to your financials is kept on your home PC/Network, how much information about you or your family is stored on those systems? This information is precisely what the malicious hacker is looking for “just enough” information to steal from you anonymously!

About sistech

I have been involved in technology for over 25 years to include Network design, deployment, and configuration of various logging and reporting techniques for these systems into a Secure Managed Environment, Systems Administration and the delivery of technology services to assist customers in their business processes. I have been heavily involved in Cyber for the past ten years and currently hold a CISSP and SANS – GSEC certifications.
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